Monday, March 21, 2011

Seduction made easy

Turning on a guy isn't really rocket science. Guys can get turned on just by you looking at them LOL
Here are a few ways for simple seduction.

* Wake him up in the morning by sucking on his finger like a penis

* Send your partner partner some naughty texts while you are at work, or just having dinner with friends etc. (I like to go into the bathroom at works and snap a random pic of my nipple and send it to my husband) Of course, he likes when I said him a picture of another part

* When you know he is on his way home from work or just on his way to see you, start giving yourself some solo pleasure and "accidentally" dial his cell. All those breathy oohs and ahhhs will be motivation for him to get to you faster to join in on the fun

Just some tips to spice up your week a little

Feel free to share your seduction methods. That is what this site is for (to enhance our bedroom life and having more fun in the bedroom)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spice up your relationship

How to improve your love life and spice up your sex life? Throughout your lifetime and your relationship, your emotional and physical needs change- especialy your sexual needs. Sex is a fundamental part of humanity and an essential part of your adulthood. Spice up your relationship.

Sex is the driving force that creates energy, life and attraction all around us. Sex is how we were created and how we create. Understanding and accepting you sexuality will lead you to confidence, pleasure and a more fulfilling, intimate relationship with your partner. Understanding your sexuality and the sexuality of your partner plays a huge role in your overall happiness- especially your physical satisfaction.

It is not dirty to talk about and understand sex. Sex is a healthy part of being human.

The biggest problem of sex is that people don't put a high enough value on their sexuality. We can often be afraid to ask for something different from our partner. We worry our partner might be offended or think our sexual demand may make us look much more experienced than we want to appear.

It is so important to have fun in the bedroom. It keeps it interesting and gives us more sexual pleasure. A healthy sex life is one where both partners are completely sexually satisfied.

Regular sex is known to have great health benefits also. It gives you a more youthful appearance, burns calories and having orgasms are known to be a natural pain reliever. A good sex life not only feels good physically, it keeps your relationship and personal life in balance and helps you to stay in shape. A fun bedroom life keeps you laughing and we all know how good laughter is for your soul.

If you want to improve your sex life, work on maintaining your confidence. Take time to take care of your body. Get in touch with your sexual fantasies. Don't be afraid. Share your sexual fantasies with your partner, show them your fantasies. Trying some new techniques and positions will help both you and your partner have better orgasms. Foreplay, Sex Toys, Oral Sex and Role Play can all be used to help improve your sex life.

Here's another fun game to play

Try having sex on an exercise ball. Female lays on the exercise ball holding herself up with arms while the body lays on the exercise ball. Male stands and have sex in the wobbly wheelbarrow position (This is awesome exercise too. Sex, Exercise, Orgasm and Fun!!! What more could you want all at once? You are killing 4 birds with one stone

or try this one
Take some body paint and a feather pen and write xrated messages across each other's chests.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Make having a good sex life with your partner a priority in your relationship.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why to use sex toys for bedroom fun

Keyword here is FUN LOL
We all know orgasms reduce stress. Sex should be fun. Not a chore but more like a game. FUN, FUN
As I always say, laughter is the best medicine
Sex toys can be used alone or between partners (which of course is the funnest way)

Alot of times people feel odd going to purchase sex toys, I have a large selection available online. You can order discreetly LOL Increase your bedroom fun- Check out a large selection online here

Playing fun bedroom games and using fun toys when being intimate brings your bedroom excitement to a whole different level of fun and closensess

However, it's important to remember the true benefit of sex toys: they are meant to enhance every level of your relationship, not just the sexual aspects - although those are the most immediate results. When couples use sex toys together they are building a level of trust and intimacy with one another that very often carries over into other aspects of their lives. When they learn more about each other's likes and dislikes sexually, it opens new avenues to other areas that a couple may be able to experience together, i.e. discovering that you both enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing, or base jumping. Opening the door to conversation in the bedroom opens the door to much more than just sex.

Here's a fun bedroom game to play on a sunday (gear yourself up for the work week LOL)

Blind Seduction Sex Game

Required Materials:

A blindfold or a piece of soft material that can be used as a blindfold
A collection of things to touch your lover with, such as feathers, silk, leather... or your tongue! (Using a vibrator or other tickling sex toy works wonders)

How To Play
First, decide on a prize, and then draw straws or roll dice to figure out who will be blindfolded and who will be the Tantalizer. Then place the blindfold on the person whose eyes will be covered and get ready for some fun! The Tantalizer can then do one of two things:

Have the blindfolded person feel ten objects and try to guess what they are. Of course, this is more fun if some of the items they have to identify are the Tantalizer's body parts and other items are shaped like the Tantalizer's body parts!

Touch the blindfolded person with ten different objects or materials and see how many they can guess correctly. Use both soft and hard materials to create a variety of arousing sensations as well as using your own skin or tongue for at least one of the ten.
Winning is based on criteria you set at the beginning. You decide how many items the blindfolded person needs to guess correctly to win. If they get that number correct, then they get the sexual prize they requested. If they get less than that number correct, the Tantalizer gets what they requested. But don't

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