Sunday, July 31, 2011

Struggling with premature ejaculation- premature ejaculation exercises

Premature ejaculation can happen to any man at any age and can be a source of embarrassment for him. It is very important to a man to be able to take care of his woman sexually, and, if premature ejaculaton is stopping his lovemaking in its tracks, he may feel he is a failure as a lover and a man. There are many natural and alternative treatments for this problem including diet, exercise and herbs.

A good diet is important when trying to stop premature ejaculation. The best type of diet includes foods that are high in vitamins and low in carbohydrates. Low-fat foods rich in proteins are good choices. Foods loaded with grease and sugar such as junk foods that have little or no nutritional value should be cut out of the diet. Excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption may also add to a premature ejaculation problem.

Depression and anxiety may be causes of premature ejaculation. Exercising increases the production of serotonin which, in turn, decreases depression. Exercise helps sexual stamina by boosting mood and strengthening the body. Walking, biking and yoga are three excellent forms of exercise.

Pelvic exercises are a different kind of exercise that appears to help men with premature ejaculation problems. Also called kegel exercise. These exercises are the same ones women use to strenghten their own pelvic muscles. A man performs kegel exercises by pretending to stop urine in midstream for a few seconds and than releasing the same muscle. A few of these squeezes a day will suffice at the beginning; he can work up to 100 squeezes a day after a few weeks of these exercises.

There are many herbs that are said to help with premature ejaculation. Yohimbe and maca extracts are herbal stimulants that are excellent in stopping premature ejaculation. Gingkgo biloba enhances blood flow to the penis and aids endurance. Passion flower calms anxiety symptoms. Ginger and Ashwagandba improve sexual performance and stamina.

One simple thing that can be tried for premature ejaculation is a condom. Many people do not even think of a condom as being a possible help, but it does by desensitizing the penile area and allowing a man to last longer. A condom also has the the added benefits of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Stopping and starting intercourse helps to stop premature ejaculation. When a man feels he is going to ejaculate, he should stop thrusting until the urge passes. Lovemaking begins again when the man feels more confident. Stopping and starting can be done as many times as necessary.

There are creams on the market a man can apply to his penis before lovemaking that will densensitize it and allow him to make love longer. Sensation on his sensitive organ will be decreased and will allow him to have more stamina. Unfortunately, the cream can transfer to his partner and may make it harder for her to reach climax.

Squeezing the base of the penis will lessen the urge to ejaculate while having sex. It can be done by either partner and will decrease the urge to finish. Squeezing can be done as many times as necessary with no ill effects.

Masturbation before sex with a partner is another way to stop premature ejaculation. If masturbation is done a couple of hours before the sex act, it will increase stamina and make the sexual act last longer. However, he may not be as interested in sex with a partner if he masturbates before the act.

Communication and patience between partners is a must in stopping sexual dysfunction and aiding in the ability to have a healthy sex life. Letting a partner know there are problems with premature ejaculation will help ease any anxieties and worries. Partners can work together and try different positions to prolong the sex act.

The more sex a couple has, the longer each period of sex will last. Nervous excitement will decrease and a couple will have the added benefits of having a closer bond than ever before. The enjoyment for both partners is a plus as well

95% of premature ejaculation problems can be solved without consulting a physician. If the natural causes and treatments of premature ejaculation have been researched, everything recommended has been tried and the problem persists, than a man should seek the advice of his doctor. It may be nothing more than a simple medical problem that can be easily treated.

View some all natural exercises to prevent premature ejaculation here

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Adonis Factor- What is it

The Adonis Factor- It is a proven fact that men want women to adore them. They want respect from the opposite sex. The want women to crave them. May sound shallow but true
Men want to be like a god to their woman. This goes back through the ages (via the Greek God Adonis)
The starting point from a man's mind is based on their appearance.

Men will always feel the need to become bigger and more muscular. The is the male basic instinct for survival and dominance.

Calculate your Adonis Factor

so what are the perfect body measurements men? Do you feel your appearance affects your overall self esteem? Some say the ideal male body shap is a trapezoid which consists of a broad chest and shoulders and medium to narrow hip and waistline. The upper part of the torso is longer than the lowest part.

View our short video for the Adonis Workout

Monday, March 21, 2011

Seduction made easy

Turning on a guy isn't really rocket science. Guys can get turned on just by you looking at them LOL
Here are a few ways for simple seduction.

* Wake him up in the morning by sucking on his finger like a penis

* Send your partner partner some naughty texts while you are at work, or just having dinner with friends etc. (I like to go into the bathroom at works and snap a random pic of my nipple and send it to my husband) Of course, he likes when I said him a picture of another part

* When you know he is on his way home from work or just on his way to see you, start giving yourself some solo pleasure and "accidentally" dial his cell. All those breathy oohs and ahhhs will be motivation for him to get to you faster to join in on the fun

Just some tips to spice up your week a little

Feel free to share your seduction methods. That is what this site is for (to enhance our bedroom life and having more fun in the bedroom)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spice up your relationship

How to improve your love life and spice up your sex life? Throughout your lifetime and your relationship, your emotional and physical needs change- especialy your sexual needs. Sex is a fundamental part of humanity and an essential part of your adulthood. Spice up your relationship.

Sex is the driving force that creates energy, life and attraction all around us. Sex is how we were created and how we create. Understanding and accepting you sexuality will lead you to confidence, pleasure and a more fulfilling, intimate relationship with your partner. Understanding your sexuality and the sexuality of your partner plays a huge role in your overall happiness- especially your physical satisfaction.

It is not dirty to talk about and understand sex. Sex is a healthy part of being human.

The biggest problem of sex is that people don't put a high enough value on their sexuality. We can often be afraid to ask for something different from our partner. We worry our partner might be offended or think our sexual demand may make us look much more experienced than we want to appear.

It is so important to have fun in the bedroom. It keeps it interesting and gives us more sexual pleasure. A healthy sex life is one where both partners are completely sexually satisfied.

Regular sex is known to have great health benefits also. It gives you a more youthful appearance, burns calories and having orgasms are known to be a natural pain reliever. A good sex life not only feels good physically, it keeps your relationship and personal life in balance and helps you to stay in shape. A fun bedroom life keeps you laughing and we all know how good laughter is for your soul.

If you want to improve your sex life, work on maintaining your confidence. Take time to take care of your body. Get in touch with your sexual fantasies. Don't be afraid. Share your sexual fantasies with your partner, show them your fantasies. Trying some new techniques and positions will help both you and your partner have better orgasms. Foreplay, Sex Toys, Oral Sex and Role Play can all be used to help improve your sex life.

Here's another fun game to play

Try having sex on an exercise ball. Female lays on the exercise ball holding herself up with arms while the body lays on the exercise ball. Male stands and have sex in the wobbly wheelbarrow position (This is awesome exercise too. Sex, Exercise, Orgasm and Fun!!! What more could you want all at once? You are killing 4 birds with one stone

or try this one
Take some body paint and a feather pen and write xrated messages across each other's chests.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Make having a good sex life with your partner a priority in your relationship.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why to use sex toys for bedroom fun

Keyword here is FUN LOL
We all know orgasms reduce stress. Sex should be fun. Not a chore but more like a game. FUN, FUN
As I always say, laughter is the best medicine
Sex toys can be used alone or between partners (which of course is the funnest way)

Alot of times people feel odd going to purchase sex toys, I have a large selection available online. You can order discreetly LOL Increase your bedroom fun- Check out a large selection online here

Playing fun bedroom games and using fun toys when being intimate brings your bedroom excitement to a whole different level of fun and closensess

However, it's important to remember the true benefit of sex toys: they are meant to enhance every level of your relationship, not just the sexual aspects - although those are the most immediate results. When couples use sex toys together they are building a level of trust and intimacy with one another that very often carries over into other aspects of their lives. When they learn more about each other's likes and dislikes sexually, it opens new avenues to other areas that a couple may be able to experience together, i.e. discovering that you both enjoy mountain biking, rock climbing, or base jumping. Opening the door to conversation in the bedroom opens the door to much more than just sex.

Here's a fun bedroom game to play on a sunday (gear yourself up for the work week LOL)

Blind Seduction Sex Game

Required Materials:

A blindfold or a piece of soft material that can be used as a blindfold
A collection of things to touch your lover with, such as feathers, silk, leather... or your tongue! (Using a vibrator or other tickling sex toy works wonders)

How To Play
First, decide on a prize, and then draw straws or roll dice to figure out who will be blindfolded and who will be the Tantalizer. Then place the blindfold on the person whose eyes will be covered and get ready for some fun! The Tantalizer can then do one of two things:

Have the blindfolded person feel ten objects and try to guess what they are. Of course, this is more fun if some of the items they have to identify are the Tantalizer's body parts and other items are shaped like the Tantalizer's body parts!

Touch the blindfolded person with ten different objects or materials and see how many they can guess correctly. Use both soft and hard materials to create a variety of arousing sensations as well as using your own skin or tongue for at least one of the ten.
Winning is based on criteria you set at the beginning. You decide how many items the blindfolded person needs to guess correctly to win. If they get that number correct, then they get the sexual prize they requested. If they get less than that number correct, the Tantalizer gets what they requested. But don't

Click here to view all our fun bedroom toys

Monday, February 28, 2011

Sex Toy Bingo Tonight

OK, so my sister asks me last week if I wanted to go to a sex toy bingo with her tonight. It was hosted by a group of gay men. OMG- I had the absolute funnest time. I don't remember laughing so hard. The guy that runs it was absolutely hilarious and I won twice. I won a whole basket of goodies (had like 3 vibrators and some different lubes) You had to yell dildo instead of bingo. Than I won the doorprize. Guess what that was!! a deck of cards with sex games on them LOL How ironic is that? The queen of researching fun bedroom games wins a deck of card with a bunch of them. Sorry but not going to post any tonight. It's late and I'm tired so unfortunately, 7 AM comes early so no bedroom fun tonight

I left the basket in the car (until I put my daughter to bed). Kind of hard to explain to a 12 year old about a basket full of vibrators. Hell, my husband was so excited to see what I won that he had to go to the car to check it out while I was getting her down.

If you ever have one of those bingos come to your town, check it out. COMICAL!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Recharge your sex life by rediscovering your single self

Find time to reconnect with the old inner you (the one your partner originally fell in love with)
Make time for old interests, forgotten friends. Take long walks. Have a spa or beauty treatment. Look at old photos of yourself and your partner and remember when you first met. Lie down and daydream about having sex just the way you want it.
This helps you to reconnect with your partner and makes for some deeper sexual intimacy.

Benefits of frequent sex:
Regular sex has a therapeutic effect on the body's immune system, keeping it strong and healthy

Regular sex may cut stress-triggered bingeing. Sex can lower the levels of cortisol, a hormone that increases during stress. This horman triggers fatigue and cravings

Frequent sex releases stress and raises your self-esteem. It re-establishes your closeness with your partner. It shows you that someone needs and desires you.
People laugh at me because of this blog but frequent, fun sex is good for you in so many ways. It helps with a more positive outlook on life, stress relief, physical fitness and a happier, healthier relationship with your partner.

With that being said, here is a little fun way to spark it up for the beginning of the work week

Try the naked servant routine
The male could dress up as a half naked butler. Female orders him to bring her favorite drink in bed than make all types of sexual demands from your butler.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Does he just want to have sex but not cuddle

Women often complain that their boyfriends or husbands want to have sex but don't want to cuddle. Some men feel cuddling makes them look weak. They like to appear like strong knights in shining armour so the obvious alternative is sex. Making love can help your partner feel more comfortable with cuddling but it takes time and emotional security for that to happen. Sexual intimacy is so important.
A way to create that sexual intimacy is by playing games in the bedroom. Helps one to laugh and let their guard down. This helps the intimacy.

That is one of the main reasons that I like to post little bedroom games. You don't have to go out and buy books etc, I do the research for you :-) If I like them, I post them. Here is one for tonight

Make your bedroom a private picnic area

Stretch out a blanklet on the bedroom floor, light some candles, feed each other some strawberries than sprinkle the strawberry juices on each other and lick them off.

If you have some good bedroom games, feel free to post

Have a great night

Try some fun bedroom toys also

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are you and your partner going through a dry spell

All couples (no matter how close they are) can hit a dry spell. The everyday stresses of life can get to everyone. This can sometimes leave you just too worn out to be in a romantic mood
Stress is one of the biggest factors that disrupt your sex drive
How to change this,
Make your home a stress free environment. Get a babysitter for the kids for the evening (if you have kids) Don't worry about the cleaning and chores that need to be done. They will still be there the next day. Forget about them for the evening.
Change your routine. Go to a different restaurant, do something different, something fun. Laughter and fun are so good for your health.
Light some candles around the bedroom, change the bedroom environment, engage in foreplay- Touch each other, feel each other's bodies. Get the juices flowing

Give each other a 10 minute massage each. This helps to get you both relaxed and gets you feeling each other again

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just some fun ways to get naked tonight LOL

No Truth or Dare tonight
Just some fun ways to get naked in the cold (It's cold where I live right now LOL)

Try turning up the heat in your car, turn on the seat warmers (if you have them) and have a backseat romp like you were back in highschool

Use warming lube during bedroom fun

Drip some warm chocolate syrup on your bodies than slowly lick it off each other

Just do something fun, LAUGH WITH EACH OTHER!! Laughter, communication and good sex- Great ways to a great relationship

Have a good night!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Oh- The day of love :-)

What would be a little fun truth or dare for Valentines Day?

Here we go, Dare for the evening
It's time to raid the fridge. Have your partner go to the kitchen and fetch a bottle of chocolate syrup, whipped cream or another food item that can be used on your body. Remove your shirt, lie down on the ground and let your partner draw bull's-eyes around your nipples with the food (or for tonight, make it hearts instead of bulls-eyes- It is Valentines day after all LOL) Then let your partner drip a beverage or food item on your nipples. If they hit the bull's-eye, allow them to lick the target clean.

OK- a little truth
If you and your partner were offered large sums of money to perform erotic acts in a nightclub, what is the most daring and scandalous routine you would perform for the right sum? What would you do for five thousand dollars? for 25 thousand? for 100 thousand? Name your price for specific acts and the costumes or props you would need.

Happy Valentines Day to All

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bad Bedroom Week for Me

Hubby is on a period or something. Been moody as hell for 5 days now and I haven't had any bedroom fun since Saturday :-((((( It is now Wednesday
Can't even seem to find the privacy to break out a toy to pleasure myself at least
This is depressing

Be on later with a new truth or date fun. Even if I am not having any fun this week, I will still share a game. I don't play by the motto that misery loves company :-)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sexting?? Do you do that? Ever sent the text to the wrong person?

There is nothing like having a really sucky day at work and just going into the bathroom and texting a pic of one your private parts to your partner (just as a way to say I love you or just to see the response you get- Just to make yourself laugh)
If you haven't been with the person that long, make sure your face is never in the pic and probably not a good idea - you don't want to get your pic all over the world wide web LOL) but of course, if your face isn't in it, you can deny it anyhow

Just be careful though that you send to the right person. I have large nipples that my husband loves. We had a snowstorm last night so I text a co-worker today to tell her that I wouldn't be comig in today because of weather. Well, later on in the day, I sent a little lunch text to my husband(thought I was sending to my husband) and accidentally sent to my co-worker- so friggin embarrassing!!!

Luckily, her and I have known each other for like 15 years or I would just climb under a rock. She made a joke about it but I am still embarrassed now LOL

OK so here is the truth or dare for the day (for those of us in the northeast getting clobbered with snow- tonight's a good night to try one out LOL)

Dare for the evening- Perform a seductive and enticing striptease to a song of your choice. Remember, sometimes it's sexier to leave something to the imagination, even if you only keep your hat on

Truth- Do you believe women are more sexual beings than men or vice-versa?? Why

Ok- so for those of you totally bored tonight and stuck in the house like me because it is snowing and icing- What is your most embarrassing sexual event? My sexual life is pretty private for the most part so today was really embarrassing (sharing my nipple in a text LOL)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Fun Bedroom Games

Here we go again, another work week starting :-( Hope everyone made the best of their weekend :-)

A new Truth or Dare and little joke to get you motivated

A little dare to make you laugh: Call a 1800 customer service line for a matress or bed retailer. Ask them if they can give advice to help modify a bed frame for "special attachments" Become very explicit as the phone conversation progresses

What's Truth and Dare without the Truth :-)

What is the most unusual substance you have applied to your body or your partner's? What inspired you? Did it turn out to be erotic, hysterically funny or a terrible misjudgement?
What intriguing substance would you like to apply to your partner now?

Always remember, there are many keys to a relationship but passion is extremely important (as is laughter) :-)

Joke for the day:
What women's personal ads really mean?

Adventurous: has slept with all your mates

Athletic: flat chested

Average looking: has a face like an arse

Beautiful: Pathological liar

Contagious Smile: does a lot of prescription drugs

Emotionally Secure: on medication

Feminist: Obese

40-ish: 49

Free Spirit: Heroin Addict

Friendship First: former slut

Fun: Irritating

Gentle: Boring

Good Listener: Autistic

Large Lady: Morbidly Obese

Looking for Soul Mate: Stalker

New Age: Excessive Body Hair

Old Fashioned: No blow jobs or anal (sorry about your luck :-)

Open-minded: Desparate

Outgoing: Loud and Embarrassing

Passionate: Sloppy Drunk

Poetic: Depressive

Professional: Bitch

Romantic: Frigid

Sociable: Fanny like a yawning donkey

Voluptuous: Super-Morbidly Obese

Widow: Murderer

Hope you enjoyed the latest dose of fun bedroom games with an added twist of jokes

Talk to you soon

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fun Weekend Truth or Dare Games

Let's spice up the weekend a bit with some Truth or Dare baby

The Truth: If you cast aside all of your inhibitions, what parts of your partner's body would you fetishize, worship and adore?

The Dare: On your TV or computer, play a random segment from a racy adult film or a suggestive Internet clip. Re-create the position of the actors, imitating the sounds and dialog with your partner. The more uninhibited are welcome to do this task in the nude or create a quick costume with whatever is handy

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daily dose of fun bedroom truth or Dare

Wow, it's Wednesday night. You know what that is- It's hump night :-)

Daily Truth to Play- Have you ever fantasized about seducing a professional that came to your home? Someone like a plumber, contractor, cable technician or mail carrier? What was that scenario????

Dare for the Day- Prepare a bed of whipped cream on your partners bare chest. Dip a selection of fruits into the cream, then eat the fruits or feed them to your partner. This is your chance to explore the sensuality of food, so let your creativity flow. Finish by licking your partner's chest clean

Question of the day for guys reading:: What do you think the sexiest thing a woman could wear?? Note: Wearing nothing doesn't count as an answer :-) Let us know what you think and who can come up with the most creative

Tune back in tomorrow

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun Bedroom Games Daily Dose of Truth and Dare

Are you ready for your next bedroom adventure??

Truth- If you were given free reign to dress your partner up for a night of wild, up against the wall sex play, How would you dress them? As a Barmaid, A CPA, a Hooker- What would you desire

Dare- Your partner has free license to go into your closet (or their own) and select the most sexually alluring outfit for you to put on. You must wear it for the remainder of the game

and just for your reading enjoyment tonight, just a little tasteless joke to make you laugh- humor is good for health

There's a sucker born every minute but a swallower is harder to find :-)

Feel free to post your own fun bedroom games, tasteless jokes, or just plain embarrassing sexual moments

Monday, January 17, 2011

Daily Dose of Truth and Dare

If you could watch an intimate moment from your partner's life before the two of you got together. What would it be? Their introduction to sensuality?
Or a stolen moment of self love? Something innocent or Taboo?

Have your partner do your makeup: Lips, eyes and hair. then model your new look by performing your best strut on the catwalk. Boys, careful with the mascara.... it's always fun until someone gets poked in the eye! Girls, don't hold back with the glamour.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Daily Truth and Dare

Daily dose of Fun Bedroom Truth and Dare

Truth--- Which of your bedroom techniques are you most proud of?? Why is this particular talent a source of pride

Dare--- A little role play-(I love the role play LOL) Cast yourself in the role of sexy stranger. You notice each other as you pass. Seize the moment and make a brave proposition

Come back and visit for some more Truth or Dare!!
Feel free to post your own fun bedroom games and tell about your most memorable bedroom moments- Remember that you can post anonymously and we can all help each other learn