Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sexting?? Do you do that? Ever sent the text to the wrong person?

There is nothing like having a really sucky day at work and just going into the bathroom and texting a pic of one your private parts to your partner (just as a way to say I love you or just to see the response you get- Just to make yourself laugh)
If you haven't been with the person that long, make sure your face is never in the pic and probably not a good idea - you don't want to get your pic all over the world wide web LOL) but of course, if your face isn't in it, you can deny it anyhow

Just be careful though that you send to the right person. I have large nipples that my husband loves. We had a snowstorm last night so I text a co-worker today to tell her that I wouldn't be comig in today because of weather. Well, later on in the day, I sent a little lunch text to my husband(thought I was sending to my husband) and accidentally sent to my co-worker- so friggin embarrassing!!!

Luckily, her and I have known each other for like 15 years or I would just climb under a rock. She made a joke about it but I am still embarrassed now LOL

OK so here is the truth or dare for the day (for those of us in the northeast getting clobbered with snow- tonight's a good night to try one out LOL)

Dare for the evening- Perform a seductive and enticing striptease to a song of your choice. Remember, sometimes it's sexier to leave something to the imagination, even if you only keep your hat on

Truth- Do you believe women are more sexual beings than men or vice-versa?? Why

Ok- so for those of you totally bored tonight and stuck in the house like me because it is snowing and icing- What is your most embarrassing sexual event? My sexual life is pretty private for the most part so today was really embarrassing (sharing my nipple in a text LOL)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Fun Bedroom Games

Here we go again, another work week starting :-( Hope everyone made the best of their weekend :-)

A new Truth or Dare and little joke to get you motivated

A little dare to make you laugh: Call a 1800 customer service line for a matress or bed retailer. Ask them if they can give advice to help modify a bed frame for "special attachments" Become very explicit as the phone conversation progresses

What's Truth and Dare without the Truth :-)

What is the most unusual substance you have applied to your body or your partner's? What inspired you? Did it turn out to be erotic, hysterically funny or a terrible misjudgement?
What intriguing substance would you like to apply to your partner now?

Always remember, there are many keys to a relationship but passion is extremely important (as is laughter) :-)

Joke for the day:
What women's personal ads really mean?

Adventurous: has slept with all your mates

Athletic: flat chested

Average looking: has a face like an arse

Beautiful: Pathological liar

Contagious Smile: does a lot of prescription drugs

Emotionally Secure: on medication

Feminist: Obese

40-ish: 49

Free Spirit: Heroin Addict

Friendship First: former slut

Fun: Irritating

Gentle: Boring

Good Listener: Autistic

Large Lady: Morbidly Obese

Looking for Soul Mate: Stalker

New Age: Excessive Body Hair

Old Fashioned: No blow jobs or anal (sorry about your luck :-)

Open-minded: Desparate

Outgoing: Loud and Embarrassing

Passionate: Sloppy Drunk

Poetic: Depressive

Professional: Bitch

Romantic: Frigid

Sociable: Fanny like a yawning donkey

Voluptuous: Super-Morbidly Obese

Widow: Murderer

Hope you enjoyed the latest dose of fun bedroom games with an added twist of jokes

Talk to you soon

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fun Weekend Truth or Dare Games

Let's spice up the weekend a bit with some Truth or Dare baby

The Truth: If you cast aside all of your inhibitions, what parts of your partner's body would you fetishize, worship and adore?

The Dare: On your TV or computer, play a random segment from a racy adult film or a suggestive Internet clip. Re-create the position of the actors, imitating the sounds and dialog with your partner. The more uninhibited are welcome to do this task in the nude or create a quick costume with whatever is handy

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daily dose of fun bedroom truth or Dare

Wow, it's Wednesday night. You know what that is- It's hump night :-)

Daily Truth to Play- Have you ever fantasized about seducing a professional that came to your home? Someone like a plumber, contractor, cable technician or mail carrier? What was that scenario????

Dare for the Day- Prepare a bed of whipped cream on your partners bare chest. Dip a selection of fruits into the cream, then eat the fruits or feed them to your partner. This is your chance to explore the sensuality of food, so let your creativity flow. Finish by licking your partner's chest clean

Question of the day for guys reading:: What do you think the sexiest thing a woman could wear?? Note: Wearing nothing doesn't count as an answer :-) Let us know what you think and who can come up with the most creative

Tune back in tomorrow

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun Bedroom Games Daily Dose of Truth and Dare

Are you ready for your next bedroom adventure??

Truth- If you were given free reign to dress your partner up for a night of wild, up against the wall sex play, How would you dress them? As a Barmaid, A CPA, a Hooker- What would you desire

Dare- Your partner has free license to go into your closet (or their own) and select the most sexually alluring outfit for you to put on. You must wear it for the remainder of the game

and just for your reading enjoyment tonight, just a little tasteless joke to make you laugh- humor is good for health

There's a sucker born every minute but a swallower is harder to find :-)

Feel free to post your own fun bedroom games, tasteless jokes, or just plain embarrassing sexual moments

Monday, January 17, 2011

Daily Dose of Truth and Dare

If you could watch an intimate moment from your partner's life before the two of you got together. What would it be? Their introduction to sensuality?
Or a stolen moment of self love? Something innocent or Taboo?

Have your partner do your makeup: Lips, eyes and hair. then model your new look by performing your best strut on the catwalk. Boys, careful with the mascara.... it's always fun until someone gets poked in the eye! Girls, don't hold back with the glamour.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Daily Truth and Dare

Daily dose of Fun Bedroom Truth and Dare

Truth--- Which of your bedroom techniques are you most proud of?? Why is this particular talent a source of pride

Dare--- A little role play-(I love the role play LOL) Cast yourself in the role of sexy stranger. You notice each other as you pass. Seize the moment and make a brave proposition

Come back and visit for some more Truth or Dare!!
Feel free to post your own fun bedroom games and tell about your most memorable bedroom moments- Remember that you can post anonymously and we can all help each other learn