Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fun Bedroom Role Play Games

Fun Bedroom Games-
Do you need to spice up your bedroom

I decided to start a blog just to talk about really fun bedroom games (whereas ideas can be shared- I do allow anonymous posts because I know that while some can talk very openly about sex- some still have sexual inhibitions so I do allow anonymous postings

How do you spice up the bedroom- How about a little crazy game of sexual truth or dare? The game that along with spin the bottle has been around for decades
This will keep you laughing, keep the communication open, allow you to have lots of fun while opening your body up to pure pleasure

OK- so here are my suggestions

Let's do 5 dares first (they are my favorite LOL) than we will do 5 truths bookmark this blog as a favorite because I will post more. Please feel free to post your own as well. We have all had different bedroom experiences and I think we can all learn from each other. Unfortunately, no matter how bad this sounds, sex is important to probably each of us that are reading this. It is a part of most of our lives. It is enjoyment, stress relief, child bearing etc

* Take a bag or tote and raid your own wardrobe (or your partner's) randomly filling the bag with a variety of underwear, briefs or intimate apparel. Your partner will than need to pull three itmes from the bag. It is your duty to model all 3 choices

*Brainstorming with your partner, you must dream up the most gymnastically challenging sexual position possible. Feel free to try it at a later date or as your whims dictate. You may both need to start taking yoga classes to prepare yourselves for this one LOL

*Disrobe and lie on your stomach so your partner has access to your back. With a wet or dry brush, or with the tip of their finger, let your partner draw a design across your body. After they are done, guess the design they have drawn on you.

*Sexual Role Play- You are a skilled FBI interrogator. Your partner is your prisoner, a notorious bank robber, has a solid alibi, but you are sure with the right encouragement that you can get him or her to break and confess

*Strip down to expose some bare skin and then let your partner blindfold you. Have your partner collect five household items and run them across your skin until you guess what they are. You can ask yes or no questions to help you solve each mystery.

Ok, so I have many more dares; however, if I post each one tonight than you wont revisit my blog and share your own ideas :-( so mark this one as a favorite and revisit to get more (I have hundreds more in store LOL) All free ideas :-)

OK, so now for some truths (because you can't play Truth or Dare) with only dares right??

Here are 5 truths-- (If your partner picks truth)

*What comic book superpower would be the most useful to you in pleasuring your partner? Describe how you would use it

*If you were to film a porn movie starring you and your partner, what would the plot be

*Have you partner tell what their favorite would be Paddle, blindfold, whip, feathers or handcuffs and WHY?

*Have you ever mistakenly called out the wrong name during sex? If so, did your partner notice?

*Name the most sensitive part of your body that isn't a typical erogenous zone. What about it thrills you?

OK- so they are your five truths and your five dares of the night.

Try them- Let us know how they worked- Remember, I allow you to post anonymously and it's free and fun. Let's work together and spruce up all our sex lives. We will all be happier and post more pleasant thoughts. :-) Laughter is key to good health. I always believe that

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