Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Adonis Factor- What is it

The Adonis Factor- It is a proven fact that men want women to adore them. They want respect from the opposite sex. The want women to crave them. May sound shallow but true
Men want to be like a god to their woman. This goes back through the ages (via the Greek God Adonis)
The starting point from a man's mind is based on their appearance.

Men will always feel the need to become bigger and more muscular. The is the male basic instinct for survival and dominance.

Calculate your Adonis Factor

so what are the perfect body measurements men? Do you feel your appearance affects your overall self esteem? Some say the ideal male body shap is a trapezoid which consists of a broad chest and shoulders and medium to narrow hip and waistline. The upper part of the torso is longer than the lowest part.

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