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Struggling with premature ejaculation- premature ejaculation exercises

Premature ejaculation can happen to any man at any age and can be a source of embarrassment for him. It is very important to a man to be able to take care of his woman sexually, and, if premature ejaculaton is stopping his lovemaking in its tracks, he may feel he is a failure as a lover and a man. There are many natural and alternative treatments for this problem including diet, exercise and herbs.

A good diet is important when trying to stop premature ejaculation. The best type of diet includes foods that are high in vitamins and low in carbohydrates. Low-fat foods rich in proteins are good choices. Foods loaded with grease and sugar such as junk foods that have little or no nutritional value should be cut out of the diet. Excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption may also add to a premature ejaculation problem.

Depression and anxiety may be causes of premature ejaculation. Exercising increases the production of serotonin which, in turn, decreases depression. Exercise helps sexual stamina by boosting mood and strengthening the body. Walking, biking and yoga are three excellent forms of exercise.

Pelvic exercises are a different kind of exercise that appears to help men with premature ejaculation problems. Also called kegel exercise. These exercises are the same ones women use to strenghten their own pelvic muscles. A man performs kegel exercises by pretending to stop urine in midstream for a few seconds and than releasing the same muscle. A few of these squeezes a day will suffice at the beginning; he can work up to 100 squeezes a day after a few weeks of these exercises.

There are many herbs that are said to help with premature ejaculation. Yohimbe and maca extracts are herbal stimulants that are excellent in stopping premature ejaculation. Gingkgo biloba enhances blood flow to the penis and aids endurance. Passion flower calms anxiety symptoms. Ginger and Ashwagandba improve sexual performance and stamina.

One simple thing that can be tried for premature ejaculation is a condom. Many people do not even think of a condom as being a possible help, but it does by desensitizing the penile area and allowing a man to last longer. A condom also has the the added benefits of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Stopping and starting intercourse helps to stop premature ejaculation. When a man feels he is going to ejaculate, he should stop thrusting until the urge passes. Lovemaking begins again when the man feels more confident. Stopping and starting can be done as many times as necessary.

There are creams on the market a man can apply to his penis before lovemaking that will densensitize it and allow him to make love longer. Sensation on his sensitive organ will be decreased and will allow him to have more stamina. Unfortunately, the cream can transfer to his partner and may make it harder for her to reach climax.

Squeezing the base of the penis will lessen the urge to ejaculate while having sex. It can be done by either partner and will decrease the urge to finish. Squeezing can be done as many times as necessary with no ill effects.

Masturbation before sex with a partner is another way to stop premature ejaculation. If masturbation is done a couple of hours before the sex act, it will increase stamina and make the sexual act last longer. However, he may not be as interested in sex with a partner if he masturbates before the act.

Communication and patience between partners is a must in stopping sexual dysfunction and aiding in the ability to have a healthy sex life. Letting a partner know there are problems with premature ejaculation will help ease any anxieties and worries. Partners can work together and try different positions to prolong the sex act.

The more sex a couple has, the longer each period of sex will last. Nervous excitement will decrease and a couple will have the added benefits of having a closer bond than ever before. The enjoyment for both partners is a plus as well

95% of premature ejaculation problems can be solved without consulting a physician. If the natural causes and treatments of premature ejaculation have been researched, everything recommended has been tried and the problem persists, than a man should seek the advice of his doctor. It may be nothing more than a simple medical problem that can be easily treated.

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