Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daily dose of fun bedroom truth or Dare

Wow, it's Wednesday night. You know what that is- It's hump night :-)

Daily Truth to Play- Have you ever fantasized about seducing a professional that came to your home? Someone like a plumber, contractor, cable technician or mail carrier? What was that scenario????

Dare for the Day- Prepare a bed of whipped cream on your partners bare chest. Dip a selection of fruits into the cream, then eat the fruits or feed them to your partner. This is your chance to explore the sensuality of food, so let your creativity flow. Finish by licking your partner's chest clean

Question of the day for guys reading:: What do you think the sexiest thing a woman could wear?? Note: Wearing nothing doesn't count as an answer :-) Let us know what you think and who can come up with the most creative

Tune back in tomorrow

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