Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sexting?? Do you do that? Ever sent the text to the wrong person?

There is nothing like having a really sucky day at work and just going into the bathroom and texting a pic of one your private parts to your partner (just as a way to say I love you or just to see the response you get- Just to make yourself laugh)
If you haven't been with the person that long, make sure your face is never in the pic and probably not a good idea - you don't want to get your pic all over the world wide web LOL) but of course, if your face isn't in it, you can deny it anyhow

Just be careful though that you send to the right person. I have large nipples that my husband loves. We had a snowstorm last night so I text a co-worker today to tell her that I wouldn't be comig in today because of weather. Well, later on in the day, I sent a little lunch text to my husband(thought I was sending to my husband) and accidentally sent to my co-worker- so friggin embarrassing!!!

Luckily, her and I have known each other for like 15 years or I would just climb under a rock. She made a joke about it but I am still embarrassed now LOL

OK so here is the truth or dare for the day (for those of us in the northeast getting clobbered with snow- tonight's a good night to try one out LOL)

Dare for the evening- Perform a seductive and enticing striptease to a song of your choice. Remember, sometimes it's sexier to leave something to the imagination, even if you only keep your hat on

Truth- Do you believe women are more sexual beings than men or vice-versa?? Why

Ok- so for those of you totally bored tonight and stuck in the house like me because it is snowing and icing- What is your most embarrassing sexual event? My sexual life is pretty private for the most part so today was really embarrassing (sharing my nipple in a text LOL)

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