Monday, February 28, 2011

Sex Toy Bingo Tonight

OK, so my sister asks me last week if I wanted to go to a sex toy bingo with her tonight. It was hosted by a group of gay men. OMG- I had the absolute funnest time. I don't remember laughing so hard. The guy that runs it was absolutely hilarious and I won twice. I won a whole basket of goodies (had like 3 vibrators and some different lubes) You had to yell dildo instead of bingo. Than I won the doorprize. Guess what that was!! a deck of cards with sex games on them LOL How ironic is that? The queen of researching fun bedroom games wins a deck of card with a bunch of them. Sorry but not going to post any tonight. It's late and I'm tired so unfortunately, 7 AM comes early so no bedroom fun tonight

I left the basket in the car (until I put my daughter to bed). Kind of hard to explain to a 12 year old about a basket full of vibrators. Hell, my husband was so excited to see what I won that he had to go to the car to check it out while I was getting her down.

If you ever have one of those bingos come to your town, check it out. COMICAL!!!

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