Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are you and your partner going through a dry spell

All couples (no matter how close they are) can hit a dry spell. The everyday stresses of life can get to everyone. This can sometimes leave you just too worn out to be in a romantic mood
Stress is one of the biggest factors that disrupt your sex drive
How to change this,
Make your home a stress free environment. Get a babysitter for the kids for the evening (if you have kids) Don't worry about the cleaning and chores that need to be done. They will still be there the next day. Forget about them for the evening.
Change your routine. Go to a different restaurant, do something different, something fun. Laughter and fun are so good for your health.
Light some candles around the bedroom, change the bedroom environment, engage in foreplay- Touch each other, feel each other's bodies. Get the juices flowing

Give each other a 10 minute massage each. This helps to get you both relaxed and gets you feeling each other again

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