Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Oh- The day of love :-)

What would be a little fun truth or dare for Valentines Day?

Here we go, Dare for the evening
It's time to raid the fridge. Have your partner go to the kitchen and fetch a bottle of chocolate syrup, whipped cream or another food item that can be used on your body. Remove your shirt, lie down on the ground and let your partner draw bull's-eyes around your nipples with the food (or for tonight, make it hearts instead of bulls-eyes- It is Valentines day after all LOL) Then let your partner drip a beverage or food item on your nipples. If they hit the bull's-eye, allow them to lick the target clean.

OK- a little truth
If you and your partner were offered large sums of money to perform erotic acts in a nightclub, what is the most daring and scandalous routine you would perform for the right sum? What would you do for five thousand dollars? for 25 thousand? for 100 thousand? Name your price for specific acts and the costumes or props you would need.

Happy Valentines Day to All

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